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Hälso Sauna & Steam are the official importers of Tylo of Sweden, Sawo & Helo of Finland steam generators.

Our Steam generators are robust and reliable - compact little powerhouses, specially built to cope with the demanding conditions in public facilities such as hotels, gyms and swimming baths. In environments like these, where generators are working more or less round the clock, maintenance and service must not take a minute longer than necessary. This is why we have made dependability our number one priority. And that means the very best quality in materials and components. We have spared no effort to ensure that Tylö steam generators reign supreme when it comes to function, reliability and length of service life.

Tylo 75 Years


Made to the highest standards of quality and performance and developed to save energy and with environmental concerns. Tylö steam generators come with a number of smart standard features and can be further equipped with convenient add-ons.


Click through the images to see options available from Tylö.


SAWO Finland

SAWO supply durable, quality steam generators for both residential and commercial customers. Steam generators include features such as stand-by feature that helps you to reduce energy consumption.  

Click through the images to see options available from SAWO.

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