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Our steam rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes - from compact one or two-bather cabins for existing bathrooms to magnificent rooms for up to 20 bathers. They are manufactered in prefabricated wall and roof sections in vacuum-formed, high-tech special plastic, with doors and windows in tempered safety glass.


Alternatively, you may opt for the standard shower conversion which consists of a basic shower with a sloping glass or aluminium ceiling, steam generator and a built in or fold down seat.


A steam bath produces the same benefits to the body as a Sauna at lower temperatures.


The steam bath is the modern successor to the palatial Roman baths, a place for the pursuit of pure pleasure. Here the humidity is kept at a constant 100%, so our special steam rooms have walls and roofs of plastic, glass or ceramics.


The result is an elegant, exclusive setting which invites you to relax in the warm embrace of soothing steam and savour the pleasure of classic bathing comfort.


SAWO modular acrylic steam rooms are very easy to assemble.
It is light weight that is advantageous for transport. Each elements are fastened with bolts for tightening.


SAWO Finland

Complete SAWO rooms are the ideal solution for steam and sauna facilities in private homes, health clubs and hotels that remove all the problems of individually specified installations. Steam rooms are constructed from light modular acrylic panels and are simply bolted together on site. The unit includes four corner sections and a glass door.



Enjoy the invigorating feel that a TylöHelo steam baths provides. 100% constant humidity, gentle heat and comfortable interiors.


TylöHelo Elysée is the perfect complement to public bathing facilities in hotels, spas and corporate hospitality suites. Or why not a luxurious addition to your home? The organic shapes of the Elysée steam room interiors will certainly help you relax in the best possible way.

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